1 × are not offered rental services . Veb page, this is a platform, between tenants and personalities who want to turn in certain items for rent. We, do not interfere the procedure between the renter and the lessors. Therefore, 1 ×, can not be part of the tenant agreement.

The web page is an open area and for each participant is part of the private sector. All members of the open area of ​​the Veb page, who have registered, can see their ads. When entering the private sector, each participant must indicate his / her name in the password. Here, you can enter your personal account and make your own changes (after that, "your personal account"), at the same time, you can publish what you want to rent, send a survey for reservation, do some as well as, from the date of registration, you can trace your account and replenish your balance of points.

Including, companies can place their ad in the corresponding zone of the company on the site 1 ×, if you want to see the announcement in a group of private companies, then without making a payment, just having registered in the name of the company, you can post your ads. The ads will be published after the administrator's permission.